When is the last time you questioned the air quality that you are breathing in your home? Because we cannot see microscopic particles that travel through the air, it is easy to neglect to test the air. Unfortunately, most homeowners or building managers wait until people get sick to reach out for the best HVAC Staten Island offers. An HVAC technician is the most reliable professional to trust for improving the overall quality of air circulating in the home. Besides reaching out to a professional for help, there are several things that all homeowners can do to improve the quality of their air drastically.HVAC Staten Island

What can every homeowner do?

  • Bring plants into your space. Houseplants offer many benefits, and one of them is purifying the air. They take in carbon dioxide and breath out oxygen. House plants create extra oxygen in your space while also functioning as an air filter. If you own pets, make sure you do the necessary research to ensure that all plants are not harmful to animals. For instance, Sago Palm, Cyclamen, and Yew are all toxic for dogs and cats.
  • Do not underestimate the power of cleaning. Yes, cleaning makes a home look beautiful, but it also gets rid of harmful particles that can easily circulate through air and HVAC systems. Try and implement a weekly dusting and vacuuming schedule. Do not clean only when your home looks dirty because being proactive keeps the air inside a home clean.
  • Change/clean HVAC air filters according to the recommendations of manufactures. If you do not know when you should change a filter, you should reach out for the best HVAC Staten Island has to offer. An HVAC filter is designed to pull dirt, dust, and other harmful particles from the air, but those particles begin to push through the filter and make their way into a home when the filter becomes oversaturated.

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