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Three Common Myths about Saving Money & HVAC Staten Island

Summer months in Staten Island drastically drive up the need for air conditioning. Because we heavily use these systems during these months, there are many rumors, myths, and misconceptions about air conditioners and how to use and maintain them properly. Below, we want to highlight some of the biggest myths associated with using an AC and saving money. Lowering a thermistor does not always reduce how often an air conditioner is blowing. Many people think that lowering a thermostat to the lowest setting lowers energy use, but AC units continue to run consistently in many cases. To save money, you want to try and match your thermostat to the current temperature outside your home. Make sure you have an up-to-date and strong AC unit. Older systems do not have energy-saving modes, and they are more likely to break down than newer systems. The best air conditioning installation Staten Island has to offer can update your system. Although the initial cost is high, you will quickly notice savings in monthly energy bills and maintenance costs. HVAC Staten Island A big system does not always provide the best results. When shopping for HVAC Staten Island, shoppers get caught up with the size and power of the system, and they often believe that more is better. If you end up with an air conditioning installation Staten Island of a system that is...

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What is the Quality of Air Inside My Home

When is the last time you questioned the air quality that you are breathing in your home? Because we cannot see microscopic particles that travel through the air, it is easy to neglect to test the air. Unfortunately, most homeowners or building managers wait until people get sick to reach out for the best HVAC Staten Island offers. An HVAC technician is the most reliable professional to trust for improving the overall quality of air circulating in the home. Besides reaching out to a professional for help, there are several things that all homeowners can do to improve the quality of their air drastically. What can every homeowner do? Bring plants into your space. Houseplants offer many benefits, and one of them is purifying the air. They take in carbon dioxide and breath out oxygen. House plants create extra oxygen in your space while also functioning as an air filter. If you own pets, make sure you do the necessary research to ensure that all plants are not harmful to animals. For instance, Sago Palm, Cyclamen, and Yew are all toxic for dogs and cats. Do not underestimate the power of cleaning. Yes, cleaning makes a home look beautiful, but it also gets rid of harmful particles that can easily circulate through air and HVAC systems. Try and implement a weekly dusting and vacuuming schedule. Do not clean only...

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Four Important Considerations for Air Conditioning Installation on Staten Island

Are you tired of relying on window AC units to cool your home during the summer months? If so, it’s time to make the switch to central air conditioning. A properly installed air conditioning system will keep your home cooler and save you on energy bills. Ensuring your unit is installed the right way is so important. When it comes to air conditioning installation, there are four main things to consider. Go with a professional – Central air installation is not a project you can DIY. It is best left to the professionals. Choosing a professional is the only way to ensure the system is installed properly and safely and will work the way that it should. Get proper measurements for your home – To get the most of your central air conditioning, you must know the measurements of your home. If the unit is too small, your home will not stay cool. Too large of a unit will wind up costing you an unnecessarily high energy bill. Allow the time for your technician to walk through your home and take the proper measurements. This will ensure that you get the best system for your home. Set up a maintenance schedule – Like any home unit and appliance, central air conditioning will need regular maintenance to ensure it continues working properly. Set up a maintenance schedule with your technician...

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The Top Three Reasons to Install Central Air Conditioning on Staten Island

Do you still rely on window units to keep cool during the warm weather? While window AC units have their benefits, they cannot compare to the cooling central air conditioning provides. If you’ve been thinking about switching to central air, let’s go over the top three benefits. Efficiency – Window units are a much cheaper option upfront. It costs less to purchase a window unit for your home than to install a central air conditioning system. However, window units wind up costing more in the long run. Central air is a much more efficient option and will cost less in energy bills. Cooler Homes – The bottom line is that central air is more efficient, and it cools your home better than even the best window unit can. Convenience – While window units do a good job of cooling homes, they are not convenient. Every season you have to take them out of storage and put them in the window. Then when the season is over, they need to be taken down and put back into storage. You need the space to store the units when not in use and the manpower to move them from storage to their windows. You also lose out on available window air for an entire season while the units are set up. None of the issues mentioned are a problem when it comes...

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The Top Three Reasons to Invest in Central Air Conditioning Installation on Staten Island

Do you struggle to stay cool in your home during the hot days of a New York summer? If not, do you dread seeing your monthly energy bill? Staying cool should not have to cost an arm and a leg, and in fact, you can do several things to rectify this problem. You can insulate your home, upgrade windows and doors, and keep window shades open on sunny days. These are all helpful, but nothing is as effective as installing a central air conditioning unit in your home. Why do you need the best central air conditioning Staten Island has to offer? Low Monthly Cost – Running separate wall units drains a large amount of power, whereas a central air conditioner draws all cool air from a single source. Modern central air conditioners are energy efficient, which makes them even more practical and affordable. No Noise – a window air conditioner is loud, even when it is sold as a quiet model. Central air does not make noise when on, so you can have peace in your home. If you have small children in your home, those moments of peace are worth their weight in gold. Low Maintenance – because you only have a single unit powering the system, it is less likely that things can go wrong than when running two or more window-mounted units. Annual maintenance of...

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