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What is the Difference Between Boiler and Furnace Repair on Staten Island

Boilers are designed to transfer heat to water that creates steam to heat the home. Although there are different types of systems and fuel types, all systems still serve the same purpose. When a home’s thermostat detects a drop in home temperature, it sends a message to your boiler that it should be turned on. The fuel source of the system begins to heat the water inside the boiler. Heated water/steam is transmitted throughout the home through a system of radiators. As the water finishes its cycle, it begins to cool and return to the boiler. This process continues until your home or space reaches the temperature set on your thermostat. If your boiler does not follow this process, you need to reach out for the best boiler repair Staten Island you can find. A furnace does not operate the same way, although this device is used to heat your home. Instead of heating water, a furnace directly heats air and then blows it through ducts in the home. A blower pushes warm air into the home creating comfortable temperatures. The type of maintenance both systems require is different. Furnace repair Staten Island is not the same as boiler repair. Boiler Repair Staten Island Regardless of the system you have, its needs repairs and maintenance throughout its life. Assuming that the system will run flawlessly forever is never true....

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Top Ways to Maintain Heating All Winter Long

It is never pleasant finding out that your heating system is not working, but the problem is much worse when it occurs in the dead of winter. There are steps you can take before the days get short, and snow begins to fall. Being proactive with your HVAC system is the best way to ensure that it works when you need it most. With heating repair Staten Island, you can catch problems early. There are many moving parts in HVAC and heating systems, so it only a matter of time before parts degrade and systems begin to malfunction. When you keep your system clean and well maintained, it increases your system’s performance and lifespan. During annual tune-ups, technicians notice small problems like worn out washers or loose screws. These easy fixes cost relatively little when compared to emergency heating repair on Staten Island. You can take steps to reduce the need to overuse your system. Did you know that the largest drain on home energy is insufficient insulation and cracks and gaps between doors, walls, and windows? By spending the time and money to insulate your home properly, you will not need to run your system as much. By giving your HVAC system a break, wear and tear are drastically reduced. How old is your system, and how often do you reach out for heating repair Staten Island? All...

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Top Three Tips to Prepare Your Heating System for Winter

What are you doing to get your furnace ready for winter? If the answer to this question is nothing, you may want to reconsider your choice. While the weather is still warm, home heating is one of the last things on a homeowner’s mind. Thinking about the health of your heating system during the fall ensures that it runs smoothly during the winter. There are certain things every person should do to check their system before the days get cold and the nights get long. Take care of your system to prevent expensive heating repair on Staten Island. Turn Your System On Switch your system from cooling to heating. Make sure to set the temperature slightly higher than the current temperature of the house. Listen to hear if the heat kicks on, which could take several minutes. Once it kicks on and begins heating, you can flip the system back to cool. Testing your system now prevents an emergency later. Change Air Filters Systems either have air filters behind vent grills or a single filter in the HVAC system. It is important to change the filters every few months. Doing this keeps systems running smoothly. If you have an electrostatic filter, it can be washed and reused. Keeping on top of filters is one of the best and easiest ways to prolong the life of an HVAC system. Routine...

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Why is My Furnace Leaking Water on Staten Island

A furnace should not leak water. If you notice water around your furnace, it is imperative that you reach out for furnace repair Staten Island as quickly as you can. What might seem like a small, manageable leak can be the sign of a much bigger problem starting in your system. The longer you wait to address the problem, the worse the situation will get, and the more money you will waste because of the excess water. During the summer months, a home is likely to suffer from a leaky furnace because of three main problems. These include: Dirty Air Filter Dirty filters cause ice to form on evaporator coils, making it hard for the system to run smoothly. Ice eventually melts, which causes water to drain from the system. Changing your air filter is sometimes enough to stop water from pooling around your system. Clogged Drain A clogged drain is the most common reason why a furnace will leak. An AC and furnace sometimes share an internal drain, and when something plugs that drain, dust and dirt build-up. The overflow of water will leak onto the floor underneath the furnace. Full Drain Pan A furnace’s drain pain is located directly below the evaporator coil. It is meant to catch the condensation coming from the coil. In older systems, it is common for the pan to rust and get...

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Two Common Home Heating Options

When looking for home heating options, it is easy to become overwhelmed by industry-specific terminology. To calm your nerves and make your life easier, it is a good idea to learn some basic knowledge about how homes are heated. Knowing about the type of home heating you have can also help you save time and money when an emergency happens, and you need heating repair Staten Island. Forced Air Systems The most common HVAC used in the United States is a forced-air system. These systems use a furnace and blower fan to deliver warmed air to different rooms through a network of ducts. With these systems, an individual can quickly adjust the temperature in a room. Air conditioners can share the same ductwork and blower, which is why it is considered an incredibly efficient HVAC system. The best heating repair Staten Island has can handle all your heating and cooling needs. The main advantages of these systems include: Systems have a filter that is easy to clean and change You can easily integrate humidifier/dehumidifier equipment Forced air is relatively inexpensive compared to other heating systems Gravity Air Furnace These systems are considered a precursor to the forced air system. Gravity systems can distribute air through metal ducts, but it works through the physics of cold air rising and hot air sinking. A gravity air furnace is typically installed in...

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